Christian Petroni Launches An Edible NFT And Takes Lessons From Guy Fieri - Exclusive Interview

If you're a fan of Food Network's competition cooking shows, then you probably recognize Christian Petroni. The Bronx-born Italian-American chef has competed on "Chopped," "Food Network Star" (which he co-won with Jess Tom), "Tournament of Champions," and several Guy Fieri shows. He's also one of the few competitors who's also a judge, most notably on "Chopped." In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Petroni filled us in on his latest venture; he's teamed up with Steve Raggiani, the co-founder and CEO of 8it, a New York City (exclusively, at present) foodie app for finding great places to mangia (Think of it as a professionally curated version of Yelp). 

On Pi Day, March 14th, tickets go on sale for their Edible NFT (via for entry to members-only Petroni's Pizza pop-ups, the first of which is March 20th at a secret NYC location and will feature Petroni's famous Garlic Butter Sicilian pizza. Other perks that come with the Edible NFT include access to future pop-ups worldwide, merchandise with Petroni's Gabagool brand, secret Petroni family recipes, and other goodies.  Hospitality is in Petroni's soul, and he wants each NFT owner to feel cared for, so only 500 Edible NFTs will be sold.

In person, Petroni is a humble, big-hearted, and gregarious guy who is deeply thankful for all the good things that have happened to him. During our interview, he talked about his success on Food Network, the influential summers he spent as a boy on a tiny island in Italy, and his mentorship with Guy Fieri.